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If you have an air duct cleaning situation that needs professional attention, we are the guys to call in New Jersey. All you need to do is request a service appointment. You can also call us directly with the details of what you want us to do for you. Depending on the location of your property, we’d be on-site within the hour.

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Air Duct Cleaning Service

The ductwork of your residential or commercial property is a carrier of millions of visible and invisible contaminants. Believe it or not, these particles are released into the air every day.

As a result, your duct and appliance accumulates more dirt with time and use. This makes heating duct cleaning fundamental when it comes to improving and maintaining your indoor air quality.

Services 4 Home HVAC experts have a keen understanding of the essence and mechanics of in-depth and regular air conditioning duct cleaning services. We have local technicians you can put to work to service and maintain the ducts of your home and business. Why not give them a call today?

It’s quite simple math: clean ducts are the more efficient ones. When you regularly and adequately take care of your system, it significantly increases its chances of operating at the most effective standards.

Not only will the duct provide faster responses, but it will also contribute to a comfy living space and ultimately save you a fortune in energy bills.

By regularly servicing your duct, you’d be preventing unnecessary stress on the HVAC system. Should your ducts become clogged with debris, dirt or other forms of contaminants, the unit needs to put in a lot more work to push the air out into the room.

Rather than splurging cash in heating repairs or changing the system frequently, scheduling duct cleaning service ensures long-term savings alongside comfort.

We use only the latest equipment to get rid of dirt, debris and allergens from your ducts. As per our commitment to clean, quality work, we arrive on-site on time with these tools and a team of experts ready to get down to business and service your unit(s) throughout New Jersey.

Robert Sweet
Robert Sweet
One of best Service provided by S-4 air duct cleaning . searching on google I hire for cleaning ducts which I observed the boys are very professional and quick .I recommend them for air duct cleaning.
John Michael
John Michael
Very quick ,well equipped , professional find the the problem easily and remove flex valve .I recommend and hire again when needed.
John Welt
John Welt
S-4 Home air duct cleaning service is best service because of highly professional knowledgeable works . completed job timely and nicely.
Eliron Hanan
Eliron Hanan
Had all of the duct work in my house cleaned. Service 4 Home provided a quick and budget friendly service. I highly recommend their service for any home owner. My dryer is working much more efficiently. Prior to getting service, I would have to run two drying cycles. That is no longer the case. My heating bill was drastically reduced this winter and my home stayed warm. This service has also greatly helped with my allergies.
Lisa “LisanNJ”
Lisa “LisanNJ”
Had dryer duct cleaned. Very professional and friendly. They noticed that the dryer transition flex hose was way too long & they replaced it. Would definitely hire again.
Kathleen Sturgeon
Kathleen Sturgeon
They did a great job cleaning the air ducts as well as the furnace and replacing the vent on my dryer. Friendly, professional, polite and quick. Highly recommend them!

To read more of our great customer experiences, or to add one of your own, check our Google page!

Why Choose
Services 4 Home?

Mechanical Efficiency Air Conditioning System

Like we stated before, changing or repairing your HVAC system can be a bank breaker. When you allow your ductwork and registers to collect too much dust and grime, it has to work twice over to produce the same results which can lead to costly heating air conditioning repairs.

When this happens for too long, fatigue, breakdown, and malfunctioning won’t be surprising. However, with ductwork service it is cleaned thoroughly and routinely, your system is more likely to operate at peak and cost-effective performance year-round repair free.

Stay Healthy

If dust and grime don’t shake you, what about armies of lethal contaminants and microorganisms sharing your real estate? There are no politics when it comes to your ductwork; it’s an all-and-sundry thing.

Even pet danders, bacteria and pollen have residential rights. The point is: the kind of air you breathe is in trouble. In this situation, your health is at risk, as well as that of your family members. Periodic air conditioning and heating cleaning and service eliminates the constant circulation of these substances.

No Smell, No Odors from Heating System

For every home, there is a unique smell. Sometimes, that isn’t the most pleasant thing about your living space.

From pets to tobacco use, paint fumes to cleaning agents and food residues to mildew, the things that contribute to stale smells are as plentiful as they are timewise persistent

Through detailed cleaning service of your ducts, you can remove unwanted odours trapped within dust particles, leaving your home smelling only fresh.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Dryer vent cleaning service removes lint and other debris that you cannot reach by cleaning your lint screen in your dryer.

A clogged dryer vent reduces flow and backs up exhaust gasses that may eventually create a fire.

There are approximately 3,000 fires every year due to clogged dryer vents, many in New Jersey.

A clean dryer vent also increases the life of your dryer by helping it to work more efficiently.

If your clothes are taking too long to dryer it may be due to a clogged dryer vent.

Dryers utilize heaters to dry items designed from silk, satin, cotton and spandex safely. There are a variety of settings that can be utilized to make this possible.

However, while the dryer is working it is collecting fuzz or lint from the surface of the materials that are being dried. All residential and commercial dryers have filters to collect and prevent the lint from entering the venting duct.

However, for some reason or another the lint always finds its way into the duct. It will either escape to the outdoors or build up inside the duct, eventually clogging off the vent completely.

Chimney Sweep Service

Your fireplace is probably one of the centerpieces of your home. It gives your family a relaxing place to rest after a long day at work or running errands. In order to keep your fireplace as good as new, you’ll need regular maintenance. Who has time for all that?

The Chimney Specialists are proud to serve the area for all your fireplace and chimney needs. We’ve worked with countless satisfied customers over the years to maintain their chimneys quickly and at a great price.

We can clean your chimney to remove dangerous creosote and other substances. Having chimney sweeping service regularly (at least once a year) can also help reduce foul odors, smoke problems, corrosion, and chimney fires. Your home will become warmer in a more efficient manner saving you money on your utilities.

Having a chimney and fireplace in your home can be a real blessing and can add to your overall relaxation and enjoyment when at home. But like anything, chimneys and fireplaces require regular maintenance if they’re to continue to serve you and operate the way they were designed to. And part of that maintenance involves regular cleanings and services.

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If you’ve never taken the condition of your HVAC system seriously, you must be fastidious about personal health. Cleaning and servicing your units could save you a pretty penny in medical bills. Besides that, quality, proper ventilation and effective units should be more your style than the opposite.

We look forward to working with you and providing wonderful service throughout New Jersey!

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