About us

Services 4 Home is a full-service company that makes life easier, healthier and comfier for you—built off the desire to serve families and create ventilation-rich spaces for homeowners.

We get how essential it is to take care of your indoor airspace and protect your home from extra-residential contaminants. That’s why we’ve devoted years to delivering unmatched heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions in our service areas.

Our team never cuts corners and doesn’t settle down for superficial work. You can put your trust in our well-trained and upskilled service pros to provide remarkable results, whether it’s minor repairs or major system overhauls.

Because we consider ourselves to be essential service providers, we endeavour to be available clock round. You never know when your air conditioning would give in to a heat wave or whether an ice storm would snuff out your furnace. Basically, we’re talking about emergencies.

Duct Cleaning

Unlike most air duct cleaning service firms, we strive to be available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, We get around to these urgent calls with live dispatchers and prompt service provisions without charging you for overtime.

We’re also open during weekends and public holidays. Whether you need a quick fix early in the morning before a housewarming or a rescue in the middle of the night, we’re just a dial away.

Services 4 Home is a #1 in the air duct cleaning industry. Not only do we pride in our reputation for putting clients first, but also glad that a job done following our own standards exceeds the expectations of our clients, every time.

What Do We Do?

Hidden stuff can be the most difficult to remember. But when it comes to air ducts, you should do everything possible to bring what’s concealed into the spotlight.

Anything sitting in your ducts has a free pass into your home. It’s important to tend to such things with utmost seriousness, which is why a professional duct cleaning service is a no-brainer.

Speaking of professionalism, S-4 Home doesn’t disappoint in assessing your HVAC system and ductwork for special needs and regular props.

We use specialized equipment like vacuums and rotary brushes to remove alien settlements from your ductwork. We ensure that the dirt and debris are contained while protecting your property and belongings from any collateral harm.

While cleaning, our experienced technicians inspect your ductwork to ensure there’s no structural damage. Should the system require repairs, you may schedule another appointment.

For units not performing 100 percent, we may recommend airflow balancing (or testing) or air duct sealing. At the end of every appointment, our experts change air filters, straighten coil fins and assess the panel seals.

Finally, of course, because we are sticklers for orderliness, we ensure to clean up after ourselves. So, there’s no such thing as having to clean out because we left quite the pile behind.

As much as we apply care not to pollute your home, we wrap up with making sure our work areas look and smell better after we’re done. No scratches, moisture droplets, loose bolts or dust patches.

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